How to Recognize the Dajjal/Antichrist in the Media [Documentary]

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Attention: this video is not available for devices. If you want to watch this on a device, open this via safari or google chrome and request desktop version. It's a must watch, so don't miss it. The masses are being brainwashed to accept the antichrist when he appears. This video will show you how to recognize the ways the occultists are messing with our heads with indoctrination. In the end, Allah/God is going to send Jesus (peace be upon him) back to earth to kill the Dajjal, and then a golden age of peace and harmony on earth will begin. If this video made you wake up in a way, then I ask you: Who else is there to grant you spiritual refuge other than Allah, the Abrahamic God? ALLAH - the Lord of Worlds Mohammed (pbuh): The Beacon for Mankind ... The Holy Quran: Divine Revelation or Human Fabrication? ... If you enjoyed this video, please make it more accessible to others and like/share. Your support matters and is appreciated. Thank you for watching. Subscribe (with email notification) for regular videos. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Know the truth about the hidden corrupt elite running our world. WELCOME TO TRUTH | Full Documentary 2014 Know the truth about Islam: I S L A M I C A [Mega Documentary] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Playlists On My Channel -- Know the Truth about Islam The Original Call Project [Educational Videos about Islam] Death to the New World Order The Truth About Israel Exposed Muslim Responses The Criterion Series ( Islam and Christianity - Comparitive Religion) /playlist?list=PLx0ulucMGWeTPlgCjoXfulVfc-osdc2et Humor & Satire /playlist?list=PLx0ulucMGWeRyk7Crfp_47FDokBISvj0f Islam and the Truth Movement London False Flag Watch 2016 Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)

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