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Let’s see life with a completely different meaning, perception and thought – leading towards the path that is full of happiness, peace and success – a path where you know exactly who you are! We, the team at Levenstil welcome you to envision your personality, lifestyle, attitude, needs, family, education, financial independence, and change the way you look at your life! Realize that living a life to the fullest is different from just spending days. The information we provide you via our exclusive EBooks, might seem just words, but if you read them with the proper mindset, each and every word is going to touch your inner self, raising you to the level of life that would be innate, pure, and beautiful. Choose from more than 3.5 million eBooks, 125000 Audio Books, 5.5 million encyclopedia articles, 8.5 million academic journals, 5000 educational videos, and more; belonging to every walk of life, directed towards a kindergarten child to a 100 years old fellow. Our mission is to maintain a comprehensive personal & professional development dedicated to the uplifting of your personality and way of living life, providing each of the readers with an abundant choice to create their path of personal, professional and spiritual growth. We are not linked with a religion or belief system, nor do we seek to control or manipulate people in any way. We help you find your inner truth and guidance.

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