John Wesley and the Age of Reason: Wesleyan theology for beginners

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John Wesley and the Age of Reason: Wesleyan theology for beginners This argues strongly for the use of reason in all Christian thought and action. Rev Drs Jim Stuart & David Bell discuss the history and context of Wesley's use of reason in his theology. The 18th century was the age of reason and the rise of industry and use of technology gathered momentum as the scientific revolution spread across Britain and Europe. Wesley added theological strength to the concept of a practical reason in service of faith and Christian fellowship. The intellectual currents of the time,through Locke and Hobbes, Newton and Sir Christopher Wren, and the rising tidal wave of information as the European explorers ventured further than ever before all combined to give rise to something unique in world history. This was the industrial revolution which began in England and within decades had rippled out to northern Europe and America. The world changed, and Wesley's theology of and use of reason was exactly right for the mood of the age. As Jim Stuart notes from the outset Emmanuel Kant had formulated the idea that people had to think for themselves. This fitted precisely Wesley's theology. Learn more: Wisdom choices for better daily living through David Bell's Practical Theology Channel is an outreach of Trinity@Waiake elearning centre. You can learn more about this innovative form of online ministry and social learning with its dedicated eportfolio There are choices for everyone interested in spiritual, christian thought and history, as well as a special emphasis on John Wesley and Methodism. Learn more at these useful links: The Practical Theology Channel supports

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