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Special thank all on the world! Thank you all so much for helping this channel grow to this point in record time! My channel have than 1000 subscribers. My channel is about kids videos, family fun, playground, toys review, surprise eggs opening, learn colors, learn numbers, nursery rhymes, kids song, surprise toys, balls pit, kids toys children's educationnal video and fun Indoor playground for kids hot wheels toys cars slides with spiderman Playground for Kids indoor with balls and slides FAMILY FUN PLAY AREA CHILDREN Kids Play Center Playground for Kids review indoor The Muffin Man + Nursery Rhymes kiddy car horse wagon train Playground for kids indoor review Numbers ABC Letters Pool Learning & Fishing | Educational video Kinder Joy Surprise Eggs review with cute kid and spiderman learn colors candy toys baby family fun Spiderman Car Toys vs Hot Wheels Toys for Kids Superhero Car Lightning Mcqueen Disney Cars toys for kids vs Marvel Spiderman Car help Hot Wheels Spiderman Vs T-REX to save Frozen Elsa! Dinosaur toys Movie for kids - Xavi ABCKids ABC Song Alphabet Song Kindergarten - Nursery Rhymes Cars helicopters carouse horse riding trains Indoor playground for preschoolers, Family fun and Kids at Tini world T-Rex vs Cars t-rex dinosaur Color Learning video for kids tyrannosaurus rex vs Lightning Mcqueen Playground for Kids review indoor Learn Numbers Kids Slides Fun Family Play Area Play Place Playground for kids review indoor Giant Thomas and friends Train toys with Plane CHILDREN'S FUN Nursery rhymes and outdoor playground family fun for kids Playground for kids review indoor | Inflatable boats Giant Balls pool Xavi ABCKids CHANNEL Cute spiderman kids and children playing shoveling toy sand at the sandbox playground Kiddy motorbike for kids | Playing indoor playground for kids | Video for Children family fun Kinder eggs Xavi loves Toys. Xavi learns ACB, Color and Numbers. Toys Review for kids by Xavi ABCKids! Join Xavi to see him play with toys and review toys for kids! He loves Balls, Cars, Trains, Thomas and friends, Doll, Color Balls, Disney toys, open surprise eggs, Clay Model, monster trucks, minions, playground, toys land, Slides, family fun adventure and so much more! Xavi will also love doing fun and easy science experiments for kids! Please subscribe to see more upcoming toys review with Xavi ABCKids =) Follow us on: Facebook: Facebook page: www.facebook.com/XaviABCKids Twitter: Instargram: Subscribe:

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