10 year old girl forgets lyrics of

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PLEASE!!! also CHECK OUT Natalie's sister,13 y.o. Paris DuPre, in the BEST ORIGINAL POP SONG/VIDEO that you never heard of, called, "Instagram Girl." WATCH OUT REBECCA BLACK! Help us spread the word and make her video go viral too! Look at the big mistake in the classroom scene! (Although most 4th graders would be visibly mortified to forget the lyrics in the middle of the song that they were singing in their school talent show, 10-year-old musical theatre prodigy, Natalie DuPre, pulled it off like a pro. She just threw in a couple of hair tosses, struts around the stage, and an "is this mic on?" ad lib for good measure, and many of the spectators never even realized that she had messed up at all.)

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