GIANT ANIMAL SURPRISE EGG! 3D Puzzles Surprise Toys Polar Bear Sheep Rooster Kangaroo

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Hi guys I'm Dan and today I am showing you lots of cool Wild Animals 3D Puzzles surprise toys and a giant surprise egg. There are lots of awesome creatures such as White Rhinoceros and Polar Bear. We also have exotic Snowy Owl and Terrapin. You can also learn the names and sounds of different animals with this video. More great videos below: Dinosaur Collection Animal Planet Panda Set Terrifying Wild Animals Giant Dinosaur Surprise Egg and Indominus Rex Prehistoric Shark Giant Dinosaur Surprise Egg 9 Shark Toys 8 Types of Sharks 11 Savage Theropods 10 Massive Dino Toys 8 Herbivorous Dinosaurs 3D Puzzles 7 Insects Facts 12 Terrifying Sea Monsters Savage Theropod Dinosaurs Farm Animals Australasia Creatures 11 Gorgeous Sea Animal All music are provided by Youtube Free Music Library and

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