LED fading effect for my boy's school project

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From October 2015. Using three TLC5940 PWM chips chained together driven by an Arduino nano using a 'fire and forget' tweening library I wrote to fade the LEDs nicely. The project was devised by the boy and he did the art, the presentation, chose the colors, some of the wiring and other bits he was able to do... but I did the electronics and the coding (his teacher was aware that part wasn't all his own work :) This is from when the LEDs were first put in and tested. They're firing in their 'natural' order - before we mapped which ones were arms, legs etc, and fired them in order. We later put in 'brain' LEDs and coated the 'nerves' in hot glue to channel the light for effect. Two photo-resistors were used behind the semi-translucent plastic as touch sensors to trigger animations during his presentation (the photo-resistors needed an adaptive threshold coded in to cope with varying light conditions).

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