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Looi the cat (HD animated children's cartoon) and a pink Kangaroo with a lollypop ! after jumping on the Trampoline, Looi opens a bouncing puzzle present for a new animal friend - a pink Kangaroo! they enjoy jumping togheter. Kangaroo has a big pocket where he keeps things for his friends. He takes out lollypops-one for him and another for Looi. Candies are so tasty when you share them with a friend! Oh look! Looi is waving his lollypop like his magic wand. He makes a rainbow! www.looi.tv Looi the cat - a HD animated cartoon show of videos for kids and babies. Your children will love this musical clip of popular and funny, cute, toy like animals, dancing to soft music. These are safe, educational, puzzle solving videos for children. Kids love Looi the cat and his friends the Giraffe, the duck, the dog, the turtle, the rabbit and many more animals toys all waiting for you on Looi TV - the safe channel for your children. Don't forget to click SUBSCRIBE for our new videos. ► Click to Subscribe:

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