Julius Caesar School Project -- Modern Version

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This 2013 version of William Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar, is a video filmed, scripted and edited by two high school students at Tremont High School IL, USA. This film was for a school project, shortly after finishing the play in class. This astonishing 13 minute summery of the play, includes music from The Hobbit; The Lone Ranger; Space Odyssey; Lord of the Rings; Star Wars and more amazing films. The filming of this video included a high quality camera and microphone; a green screen; a tripod; a camera track; and more great unique video equipment of which is used to enhance videos and clips. "Julius Caesar" Filming Julius Caesar was a bit complicated because first we had to read the play 'Julius Caesar'. And as anyone who has read the play knows, Shakespeare is not easy to understand. But through reading it in class and looking up and reading it in modern language, we were able to get a good enough understanding of it to be able to do a video on it. While watching this keep in mind that one, this is taking place in 2013 and two, that we are not yet perfect with a green screen.

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