Education 2.0: John Doerr Interviews Khan Academy Founder Sal Khan

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Many venture investors make the case that the U.S. education system is ripe for re-engineering and rethinking. Indeed, there are a host of new companies who are trying to make educational experiences more accessible -- and more affordable -- to the masses. No one has had a greater impact in rethinking the future of education than Sal Khan, founder of the online educational institution called the Khan Academy. Starting from a project to simply tutor his niece Nadia in math in 2004, Khan has built a library of more than 4,500 videos in almost every academic topic relevant to K-12 education. A former hedge fund manager with a remarkably wide variety of interests, Khan himself has created many of the videos in the current library, which together have been watched by millions of students more than 280 million times. In a session in early August 2013 at the Aspen Institute in Colorado, KPCB partner John Doerr sat down with Khan for an hour long discussion on the origins of the Khan Academy and the future of education.

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