University of Guelph Last Lecture 2009 - Faculty Lecturer Jack Weiner - Part 2

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Jack Weiner first came to the University of Guelph as an instructor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in 1974. After a brief hiatus teaching high school math, he returned to the University of Guelph and has been teaching math here for over 25 years. Weiner is the recipient of the 2007 Leadership in Faculty Teaching (LIFT) Award, the 2007 University of Guelph CSA Award for Teaching Excellence, the 1994 Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations Teaching Award and the 1992 U of G Faculty Association Teaching Award. He was also cited as a "Popular Professor" in Maclean's annual Canada-wide university survey for eight years of the nine the survey was conducted. Weiner recently authored the "The Mathematics Survival Kit", which is also available as an interactive electronic book. He is dedicated to the use of innovative and efficient uses of technology in math and stats education and yet passionate about keeping an energetic, interactive, and most especially personal classroom atmosphere. Currently, Professor Weiner is participating in a University of Guelph research initiative with Maplesoft that looks to develop sustained learning beyond the classroom.

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