Friday lecture : History of kashmir :13-11-15

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His Excellency, Mufakir-E-Islam Dr. Pir Syed Abdul Qadir Jilani’s Friday Lecture on History of Kashmir on 13-11-2015. 1. Reviews on Kashmir Freedom Protest in England. 2. How nations can change their current condition. 3. Indian Brutality and injustice in Kashmir. 4. Success Symbol of Muslims 5. Kashmir was never part of India in History. 6. Trading trends in Kashmir in the History. 7. Salt Market in Kashmir. 8. Occupations of Kashmir in History. 9. Delhi is non-separate able limb of Pakistan. 10. ‘Shahi-Mosque’ of Delhi is symbol of Islamic culture. 11. Multan was Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi’s regime Capital in India. 12. “Jamia-Nizaamiah”-The Fist School of Islam mad by Nizam-ul-Mulk. 13. Shaikh Sa’adi’ as teacher in ‘Jamia-Nizaamiah’ 14. Zikre-Ehle-Bait r.a. in Hindustan befor Muhammad bin Qasim. 15. Student of Hazrat Ba Yazed Bustami r.a. and his Shirt. 16. Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi’s attacks on Somnaat Temple in India. 17. Hazrat Khawaja Gahreeb Nawaz r.a. 18. Introduction to Ancient Taxila History. 19. Democrat’s Foundation of Democracy and Research in Atom World. 20. Hazrt Bakhtiar Kaaki r.a.’s and rain fall of breads in Delhi. 21. Views on Participation in Kashmir Cause. 22. Importance of participation on Kashmir cause as muslim. 23. If ‘Jihad’ is called in a Muslim country then It is ‘Farz-e-aeyn’ for every muslim of the neighbor Muslim country. Uploaded By : ASIF QADRI Edited and published By: Engr. Syed Ali Shah Key Notes By : Muhammad Arshad Jahangir.

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