Learn why @MasteryConnect is the leader in curriculum, assessment and learning tools for K-12

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Jeff sits down with Trenton Goble from Mastery Connect to discuss how teachers are using MasteryConnect to collect and share educational resources. About MasteryConnect MasteryConnect is a market leader in curriculum, assessment and mastery learning tools for K-12. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, MasteryConnect makes it simple for teachers to share standards-aligned assessments and resources, track student mastery of state and Common Core standards, and collaborate in a global professional learning community. For more information, visit www.masteryconnect.com. Links of Interest Featured Guest Trenton Goble 150Trenton Goble is currently the chief academic officer for MasteryConnect, an edtech startup based in Salt Lake City, Utah that provides curriculum, assessment and mastery learning tools for K-12. Prior to co-founding MasteryConnect, Trenton spent more than 15 years in K-12 education, serving as a principal, administrator and teacher. Please contact TeacherCast with any Questions or to become a guest on the show •Host: Jeff Bradbury@TeacherCast •Email: info@teachercast.net •Voice Mail: www.TeacherCast.net/voicemail •YouTube: www.TeacherCast.net/YouTube •iTunes: www.TeacherCast.net/iTunes Watch LIVE: www.TeacherCast.tv | Broadcasting Schedule TeacherCast Broadcasting Community: www.TeacherCast.net/broadcastingcommunity Interested in starting your own podcast? Check out our Educators Guide to Podcasting today! | Video | Slideshare Presentation Hire TeacherCast to Speak or Broadcast at your conference Jeff Bradbury (@TeacherCast) is available as a Keynote Speaker, Presenter, or to Broadcast your conference LIVE! Contact Jeff Today! Check out more TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network Shows TeacherCast Podcast TeacherCast App Spotlight The TechEducator Podcast The PrincipalCast Podcast Video recorded by Jeff Bradbury: @TeacherCast For more information about having TeacherCast broadcast at your event, please visit www.TeacherCast.net and follow @TeacherCast Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel today!

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