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(SO SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH) Hi! Well... I've not been very active on my channel these times. But something amazing and horrible happend: I'm really bad at school, the wrost is that i try my best, but i just can't learn in a "normal" way. But i'm not stupid (i hope so) so my parents and the teacher decide that it's time for me to go to an art school! I was a bit nervous about this idea but it sound like a great thing! We check the website of the school and unfortunatly it's an "english" education so the french diploma is unknow in this school. But apparently the "brevet des collèges" (wich is like the high school diploma but lower level) was ok to enter. But we saw that it wasn't enought, that i have to get the high school diploma. And my actual school don't want me to carry on the college. But i'm sooo happy because the director of "Lasalle" (the school i want to go in) is ok for me to proove that my work is good and if i made 10 different piece of work about 1 movie i will maybe go in the school!!! Also i don't live in france so my parents can't go with me if i had to go back in France. So if i fail i'll be alone without my parents, and this is really scary, and i don't want to disapoint them ENOUGH OF MY LIFE. So the subject was to choose a movie or a book and made 10 things inspirate by this book or movie. I choose owl of gahool and i've started to to this little animation. I hope is going to be alright music: skyrim ost tundra sound effect

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