Unreal Film Festival© - 2016 (Recap)

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Well, this past weekend was great! I got to work with a great crew as part as the staff for the Unreal Film Festival© in Memphis, TN. The festival was filled with awesome films from all over the world. Including places like Canada, France, Spain, Sweden, Russia and more! I met with Jyo (Six) Carolino after watching his film: "I am Spartan"© and loved his work. I also got to hang out with Mr. Kelton Jones from L.A., and on Sunday, I got to watch his movie: "Dry Blood", which won Best Director and Best Screenplay this year. If you haven't yet, check out the Unreal Film Festival website @ and do not miss next years! Want to know How to Become an Actor? Welcome to ActAway Jose! Want to learn acting for free? Have you ever wonder what acting lessons and acting classes look like? Then this channel is for you! Every week, twice per week, I give you exclusive access to mine and my fellow actor’s performances from inside the Indie Acting Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. If you have an audition coming up, if you need voice acting lessons, or if you just want to harness your facial expressions, give us a call. We would love for you to join us! Are you auditioning for a movie or a play? Learn acting skills online and from home easily. Simply Subscribe my Channel and share it with your friends! Indie Acting Studio 2758 Bartlett BLVD Memphis, TN 38134 Tel: 901-267-1000 Forrestpruett@gmail.com

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