Doodle Bug On My Hand - an Educational Nature Video

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Doodle Bug or often written as one word DoodleBug are tiny little creature yet an important part of our Ecosystem. They help control the population of other tiny insects such as ants, flies, etc. Watch this educational video to learn how it goes into ground, a funnel is created by the Bug or I would call it Tunnel or some sort of pit that becomes a trap. Anything cross along or even going near the pit falls down and the more they try to get out the deeper they into the Pit - below which lies the Bug hidden, and his meal is dinner is ready. When funnel looks not neat, they work harder to make sure the soil is very frazile so there is no escape for the victim. Enjoy the video which contains embedded texts to help you learn more. Take care and always appreciate the gifts of nature. -- Ruben

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