Online Learning: What is virtual school? Learn about Connections Academy

Convert to MP3 for your device with YouTube MP3jam — This video provides a comprehensive overview of the K-12 online school Connections Academy. President and CEO of Connections Academy, Barbara Dreyer, talks about the virtual school experience, curriculum, technology, teachers, community, extracurricular activities, and discusses why virtual school may be a good fit for you or your child. Virtual School Experience: Online schooling at Connections Academy means the virtual learning environment is built around each student's individual needs. State of the art technology connects certified teachers with students who often attend the online school from home. Learning coaches, usually a parent, work closely with students and their teachers to help develop a personalized learning plan. Curriculum: The curriculum is carefully developed from materials of the leading education publishers to meet rigorous educational standards of each state where Connections Academy schools operate and is enhanced by additional multimedia and instructional tools. Technology: The technology foundation of Connections Academy is Connexus, a proprietary learning management system. It enables teachers to instruct in real time, fosters important communication among students, teachers and parents and creates a rich personalized learning experience. Teachers: Specially trained and certified teachers deliver engaging online instructions through online classroom sessions and provide individual attention to students through phone calls, email and sometimes even in person. Community: Both teachers and families report that because of this collaboration between teachers, students and families many have established much closer relationships than they had at previous schools. Extracurricular Activities: Students like that their learning schedules allow them to pursue extracurricular activities like athletic training, performing arts or spending more time with family. While online learning provides a lot of flexibility Connections Academy's virtual school program also provides the structure to keep students on track. Connections Academy offers K-12 tuition free online public schools in many states and an online private school everywhere. If you are looking for a new school experience, come and explore to find a Connections Academy school in your area.

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