Brian Miller - Philosophy and Magic mini lecture

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Mini lecture on philosophy and magic, presented by Brian Miller. Note: the philosophy in this video is being described *extremely* generally for the interest of magicians with no background in academic philosophy. Topics: 1) Lying & Deception; 2) Moral Implications for Magicians/Psychics; 3) Skepticism, Doubt, and Magic ***** "For Your Consideration" manuscript on magic theory and original tricks available at ***** Brian Miller is a nationally touring corporate and college magician and comedian. He spent time as the resident magician for COMIX at Foxwoods Resort Casino, and has been recognized as one of America's "Best Small Venue Performers" by Campus Activities Magazine. He holds a dual Bachelor of Science in both mathematics and philosophy, and holds two national awards for his work in philosophy. Miller is invited by colleges and universities to give a special presentation on the relationship between philosophy and magic.

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