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Produced and performed by Stanford medical students! Stanford University School of Medicine's music video parody on Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband." What are some of the most important things medical students should know about treating patients? All of the bad doctors you have met come together in this video to demonstrate how NOT to do it. For media inquiries, please email: SMSParodies [at] gmail [dot] com © DFD Productions 2015 PRODUCTION TEAM Produced and Edited by Gun Ho Lee Directed and Lyricked by Joshua Wortzel Cinematography and Coloring: James Pan, Shayan Fakurnejad, Justin Nguyen Production Managers: Michelle Drews, Lily Kim Choreography: Mollie Friedlander, Jeffrey Wang Executive Producer: Adele Xu Music Producer: Jon Sole Audio Engineer: Christopher Harrison VOCALS Patient - Nitya Rajeshuni Resident - Heather desJardins-Park Greedy Doc - Joshua Wortzel Nurse - Jon Sole CAST Patient - Nitya Rajeshuni Resident - Heather desJardins-Park Greedy Doc - Joshua Wortzel Nurse - Jon Sole Late Doc - Adela Perez Celebrity Doc (Dr. Ozsome) - Ruth Marks Student Doctor - Elizabeth Hyde Bleeding Patient - Paloma Marin Her Assistant - Sara Aziz Bandaged Patient - Jonathan Tijerina Malpractice Patient - Kapil Gururangan Oddities - Flu - Laura Lu Oddities - No Poo - Talhah Zubair Oddities - Superglue - Kaylene Carter, Austin Cook Oddities - Beehive - Duy Tran Prostate Patient - Danny Huang Prostate Doctor - Duy Tran Lawyers - Imilce Castro, Adele Xu Sexy Residents - Shanique Martin, Jonathan Tijerina Pulse Doctor - Lily Kim Rate Doctor - Thanh Truong Percuss Resident - Sara Aziz Auscultate Doctor - Robin Cheng Paparazzi - Sara Choi, AJ Millet, Kaylene Carter, Robin Cheng Ozsome Fans - Binbin Chen, Lily Kim Wheelchair Nurse - Binbin Chen Hospital Doctors - Jennia Rajaei, Mia Kanzawa Hospital Patient - Sarah Schlegel Hospital Residents - Jeffrey Wang, Mollie Friedlander, Michelle Drews Stunt Driver - Alanna Coughran DANCE Sassy back-up dancers - Mollie Friedlander, Jeffrey Wang Dancers - Adela Perez. Sara Choi, Michelle Han, Carolyn Sinow, David Mahoney, Sarah Schlegel, Mia Kanzawa, Ragini Phansalkar, Kuo-Kai Chin, Sara Aziz, Katie Shpanskaya, Duy Tran, Lisa Zhang, Maggie Zhou Breakdancer - Danny Huang Stanford Med Dance Team - Jennia Rajaei, Mia Kanzawa, Sara Connolly Real Doctors - Dr. Charles Prober, Dr. Preetha Basaviah, Dr. Julieta Gabiola, Dr. Kirsti Weng, Dr. Rita Popat, Dr. John Atwood FINANCIAL SUPPORT Stanford Medical Student Association Stanford School of Medicine - Office of the Dean LOCATION SUPPORT Margarita Gallardo Tom Abate EQUIPMENT SUPPORT Stanford Immersive Learning Center Stanford Shakespeare Company Kunal Agarwal Productions Dr. James Chang Dr. Sakti Srivastava Armando Martinez ALSO FEATURING Amy Li, Kaisha Benjamin, Paige Qin, Brian Boursiquot, Matt Schoen, Joanne Zhou, Timothy Keyes, Eli Johnson, Madeline Grade, Raheel Ata, Jereen Kwong, Nathaniel Fleming, Jonathan Goodman, Silvia Vaca, Jessica Hawkins, Francis Kei Masuda, Julia Kao, Prashasti Agrawal, Maia Mosse, Sarthak Angal, Karen Trang, Daniel Sotelo Leon, Anita Chanana, Joy He, Rebecca Schneyer, Veronica Manzo, Pooja Makhijani, Akshay Maheshwa, Vaishali Mittal, Sheun Aluko, Michael Richardson

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