The Amazing Design of the Bee

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--Subscribers, please click and like-- This is an excerpt from ISLAMICA, an extensive and informative documentary that covers a lot of topics, ranging from creationism vs atheism, the relevance of religion in our world today, the influence of the media, the Islamic perspective on Judaism/Christianity, the secret world of the occult, and the social and economic worldview that Islam offers, and much more. ------------------------------------------------------------ Know the truth about the hidden corrupt elite running our world. WELCOME TO TRUTH | Full Documentary 2014 Know the truth about Islam: I S L A M I C A [Mega Documentary] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Playlists On My Channel -- Know the Truth about Islam The Original Call Project [Educational Videos about Islam] Death to the New World Order The Truth About Israel Exposed Muslim Responses The Criterion Series ( Islam and Christianity - Comparitive Religion) /playlist?list=PLx0ulucMGWeTPlgCjoXfulVfc-osdc2et Humor & Satire /playlist?list=PLx0ulucMGWeRyk7Crfp_47FDokBISvj0f Islam and the Truth Movement London False Flag Watch 2016 Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)

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