Gresham College Lecture - Keith Ward - The Empiricist Turn (6 of 6)

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This video was uploaded with the written permission of Gresham College. • The Empiricist Turn, Part 6 of 6 • Date/Time: 14/02/2008 Speaker: Professor Keith Ward. Professor Ward has a BA from the University of Wales, an MA from the University of Cambridge, an MA and B Litt from the University of Oxford, a DD from Cambridge and a DD from Oxford. This lecture is about Hume and the grounding of knowledge in human experience, the conflict of reason and common sense. The lecturer raises a thought-provoking question: Hume was wrong about science - was he wrong about religion too? For more information, other lectures, transcripts, downloadable audio and video. Please visit the Gresham College website for this lecture:

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