SECRET SCRIPT - MARATHI - Read between the lines!

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A very interesting toy made with simple materials. Take a transparent CD and with a marker write the alphabets A, B, C, D etc. on the CD in a very random manner. Stick a marble in the center of this CD with rubber adhesive. On another transparent CD write the slogan SCIENCE IS FUN. On placing the alphabet CD on the Slogan CD the slogan will be camouflaged. Now spin the alphabet CD. When the alphabets spin the slogan on the lower CD will magically emerge and you will be able to clearly read the hidden secret message. This work was supported by IUCAA and Tata Trust. This film was made by Ashok Rupner TATA Trust: Education is one of the key focus areas for Tata Trusts, aiming towards enabling access of quality education to the underprivileged population in India. To facilitate quality in teaching and learning of Science education through workshops, capacity building and resource creation, Tata Trusts have been supporting Muktangan Vigyan Shodhika (MVS), IUCAA's Children’s Science Centre, since inception. To know more about other initiatives of Tata Trusts, please visit

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