Med School: My Advice to High School and Premed students

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Hey, I'm Student Doctor Thompson In this video I share some advice I have for High School and Premed students who wish to get into medical school. I skimmed over the "traditional" advice and went into what I think is much more important. I don't think you should forget about YOU. Medical school will be an option for just about anyone who wants it badly enough, so I'm not as concerned about you getting accepted, because I know if it is important enough it WILL happen, as I am concerned about the quality of life doctors will have in the future. It all starts with high school when we can really step back and make sure life isn't so serious that we loose track of what it is really all about and head for an unwavering path to premed, med school, residency, and a career that we aren't really even sure we want anymore. I talk about ruling out other options before starting medical school, hopefully to avoid having a mid-life crisis of sorts, or a mid-training crisis and hopefully to avoid leaving medicine all together. Anyways, it is clear that I'm not very good at writing, so I'll stop. Thank you for watching, please comment if you feel so inclined, and please subscribe to follow future videos from yours truly.

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