HPS100 Lecture 02: Absolute Knowledge

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Can we know anything with absolute certainty? Is there such a thing as infallible knowledge? 00:30 Can we know anything for certain? How do we justify that 1+2=3? How do we justify "All swans are white"? How do we justify the Law of Gravity? Analytic vs. Synthetic Two basic questions ___ Can analytic propositions be absolutely certain? ___ Can synthetic propositions be absolutely certain? The Problem of Sensations The Problem of Induction The Problem of Theory-Ladennes Fallibilism Summary: Fallibilism vs. Infallibilism Answers Certainty in Empirical and Formal Science You can access the slideshow here Enroll in HPS100 Introductory History and Philosophy of Science at My name is Hakob Barseghyan. I teach history and philosophy of science at the IHPST, University of Toronto. It is my goal to help my students appreciate how fascinating both the history and philosophy of science are. HPS100 is my introductory course on history and philosophy of science; it is offered online in both Fall and Winter terms. The course is funded by University of Toronto, Online Learning Strategies () and the Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology () Watch in HD 1080 for the best quality.

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