BALIF: Liz Noteware, Esq.

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LIZ NOTEWARE, Esq. Former Senior Staff Attorney for the Ninth Circuit and Former BALIF Co-Chair Liz Noteware hails from Dallas, Texas and has the big hair to prove it. Liz (perhaps mistakenly) foresaw limited success and happiness in Texas for a young feminist with some outlandish political ideas, and moved to the Bay Area as a Stanford undergraduate. She came out in her early 20s, during the heady days of Club Q, Junk, short dresses with Doc Martens, and the original lesbian gentrification of the Mission district. Liz worked for a graphic design firm and loved Helvetica dearly, but decided to go to law school to justify using so many polysyllabic words. Liz then moved to Boston to attend Northeastern University Law School, which lived up to its moniker, "The Queerest Law School in the Nation." She clerked for a federal judge; served as assistant general counsel for the Social Security Administration; and then worked as a staff attorney for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for six years. Recently she began her most challenging -- yet fulfilling -- position as a full-time mom to son Ari. She has been happily unmarried for twelve years to her law-school sweetheart, Angie, who is the director of admissions at Golden Gate University Law School. Liz has enjoyed absolute support and love from her family back in Texas and often wonders if she could have been the doyenne of Dallas.

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