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Lead Director: -Daniel Eulberg Co-Director: -John Cavassa (Me) Visual Effects: -John Cavassa (Me) Video Production and Camera: -John Cavassa (Me) Actors: Daniel Eulberg, James Stallkamp, Tyler Dempsey, Matt Taylor, Anthony Callaway, Adrian Lindenmeyer, Zach David Original Idea for the movie: Tyler Dempsey This is the final product for the media arts school project titled: Hostage Situation. -Lots of blood, sweat and tears went into the production of this project. I don't know what else to say other than.... well actually, just watch the film. : ) ----Do not read below until the movie is finished---- Notes about the film: -The ending with the large door and special forces is representative of an inside joke. -Yes, the car explosion is highly unrealistic... what should've been an engine/gasoline explosion turned out to be a 100 pounds of C4 explosion. -Yes, the knife scene is a bit awkward. -We understand that lots of special forces died in the movie. -Yes the frag grenade looks... off. -The windshield should have shattered from the mass amounts of bullet holes. -Anyone else notice the carrying handle on the M4 is missing in the final scenes? --------------------------------------- Filmed using a Canon HG21 Thanks for watching! Hop in my backpack.

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