Busy Feet 'It's Warm Up Time'

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Hello and welcome to 'Busy Feet' Explorers. Our new 'Busy Feet' Explorers Music CD now available our website. Please support 'Busy Feet' order the new album! 'Busy Feet' is part of 'Health Matters Education Ltd' series of educational resources for Early Years settings and Primary Schools. The 'Busy Feet' Explorers Music CD is now available to purchase for home use. It has been designed to capture young children's imagination and creativity in a fun, active and stimulating way. It provides a great opportunity for adults and children to connect and get active through the 'high energy' songs. Through the use of key vocabulary, fun lyrics and repetition children will naturally use their creative imaginations to make up simple movement responses to reflect and respond to the key actions highlighted throughout each song. All Busy Feet songs are copyrighted to Health Matters Education Ltd. www.healthmatterseducation.co.uk

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