The Gunner Song ft. Harvard Medical School

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See our newest music video "What does the spleen do?" --- A Thrift Shop parody. This video was created for Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Dental Medicine Revisit 2013 by HMS/HSDM class of 2016. For the lyrics, turn on closed captioning (cc). Written and Directed by Lydia Flier, Eddie Grom, Gabe Sneh Filmed by Cliff Lee & Ben Rome Edited by Cliff Lee Sound Production and Mixing by Will Lewis Gunner 1: Melanie Molina Gunner 2: Dan Brein Gunner 3: Derek Stenquist Hook: Ben Brush (vocals) and Matthew Young Kid: Alex Power-Hays Lyrics: [Kid] Hey, Gunner Kid, how do you do it? [Hook] I never skip a class, got my Netter's cards in my pocket I-I-I'm gunning, Don't you think I'm stunning? Yes you know I'm awesome [Gunner 1] Walk into the class like "What up, I'ma be a sweet doc" So ahead on reading man I'm done with the next block Harvard on my chest, it's so damn stunnin' That people like, "Damn! That's some Ivy League gunnin'" Rollin' in, on the dot, headin' to the frontest row Stayed in Friday night, date with Linda....Costanzo Gotta be the best, no one sittin' next to me They probably shoulda studied more renal physiology (Pissssssssssssssssss) But hey -- I got 99%! [Gunner 2] Schmoozin' it, rockin' it, 'bout to go and get some compliments Raise my hand in class to show everyone I know my sh-- But my thoughts are so complex I'm talkin' and chalkin' and flow-chartin' just like a boss for their benefit, I'ma be an orthopod, I'ma be an orthopod No for real - ask your mama - hands like a demigod. Fall first year and studying for boards Tutoring the second years like I'm an overlord Have a bunch of interest clubs, joined a bunch of interest clubs President of three, and I think I'll start a Gunner Club [Gunner 3] Hello, hello, my ace man, Professo Always seeking my advice, I'm consultin' while I shadow Doesn't matter if it's pulm, GI, or cardio So buff in my scrubs, I'm like "Welcome to the gun show." [Hook X2] [Gunner 3] What you know about cranial nerves in your noggin? What you knowin' about connecting weird symptoms? I'm searching, I'm searching, I'm searching right through that PubMed One man's night off, that's another man's gunning Thank your med school for accepting the best ever doctor Cause right now I'm doctorin' to all At the physical, you can find me first in line I'm not, I'm not sick of searchin' in that rectum [Gunner 1] Your grammy, your aunty, your momma, your mammy I take their BPs and their pulses, all by hand, I rock that phys exam! They'll be in hypovolemic shock now, give fluids man! I have the history on lock now, you know it man! They be like "Oh, my chest feels hella tight" I'm like, "Yo, that's some angina pectoris" Lack of oxygen, let's give some nitroglycerin Learning angina pectoris--that's advanced knowledge (Yeeep) I called that when we all got pimped (Yeeeep) I called that because I knew my business [Gunner 2] It's not easy though I'm skipping meals while you waste time at lunch talks, bro. Big brain, come and take a look through my microscope Trying to out-gun me Man you hella won't [Gunner 1 & 3] Man you hella won't [Kid] Gunner Kid! Running Class! Yeah! [Hook] [Bridge X2] I wear my clean white coat I look incredible Put on my stethoscope My doctor skills are good as gold [Hook] [Kid] You're not a doctor yet! DISCLAIMER: This video does not represent the values, opinions, or morals of Harvard University and affiliated students, staff, faculty, hospitals etc.

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