Myjak Pycia, Another Modernism

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Focusing on the homemaker as the primary user of domestic interior, the Home Economics movement formulated a spatial model that differed from the dominant spatial ideal of architectural modernism in the first half of the twentieth century. Whereas the home economists' model was intended to protect the user from overexertion, assuming the engagement of the user's whole body, the dominant modernist model's intention was mainly to reward the spirit via the aesthetic experience transmitted by optic data. In a lecture presented at Mann Library in March 2016, Anna S. Myjak-Pycia, recipient of the 2015 Dean's Fellowship in the History of Home Economics at the Cornell College of Human Ecology, draws on evidence gathered from archival research on both the movement’s theory and practice to highlight the tactile aspect of the home economists' conception of domestic interior. For more Mann Library book talk or special lecture videos, please see

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