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Give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel! Why do Children Need Educational Videos? Children like interesting and funny cartoons. Parents like their children getting new knowledge. Educational cartoons combine two features that seemed to be total opposites for a long time. Nowadays many kids watch educational videos; as a result, they get new knowledge about the world while having fun. Children learn something new in an easy and quick way – that is why Youtube educational cartoons are so popular among parents and teachers. The variety of topics and free access make an educational cartoon a perfect teaching tool frequently used at home, at school or in the kindergarten. What is a Construction Game Video? Educational games for kids are gaining more and more popularity; construction games are quite often used for educational purposes. Little boys and girls play with construction sets: in such a way they develop their fine motor skills and learn something new about their environment. In addition, educational games for kids are very interesting and attractive for children. If something is unclear, educational 3D cartoons for children will help: they show vividly how this or that construction set is assembled and why people need the object described. What Is This Video About? The first thing you see when you start watching this video is a fire station. The topic is obvious: this cartoon shows how to assemble a toy fire engine. A funny character Bambo Jumbo explains what the purpose of each detail in a fire engine is and how to put them together in order to get a firefighting vehicle. Moreover, Bambo Jumbo tells the kids why a fire engine and a fire station are so important in any town. Thus, this cartoon not only gives the facts, but explains the reasons and purposes, so that the children know more about the world we live in. You may also like our other cartoons: Construction game: Crawler excavator - Construction game: Cranes - Construction game: Dump Trucks - Construction game: Concrete Mixers - Construction game: Tractors - Construction game: Fire truck - Construction game: Asphalt Compactor - Construction game: Fire tanker - Construction game: Road roller - Official site - Channel on YouTube - Facebook - Twitter - Google+ - Music: Kevin MacLeod—The Show Must Be Go Kevin MacLeod—Silly Fun

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