Australian Mammals Vol. 1: Introduction Educational PowerPoint Slideshow Presentation

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Download the Slideshow/eBook here: Visit our store: ************************************ Have you ever asked yourself - Where can I buy educational eBooks and Slideshows for my kids and/or students? Well then look no further than Slideshows and More! Your one-stop-shop for the best eBooks and Presentations on all kinds of educational topics! Travel to the land down under with "Australian Mammals Vol. 1: Introduction to Australian Mammals!" Learn all about the exotic mammals of this beautiful and mysterious country - from where they first evolved, to their many different kinds - even how they are some of the most strangely unique in all the world! Whether you're looking for an informative lesson on Marsupials (Kangaroos, Wallabies, Wombats), Monotremes (Platypus and Echidna), or Placental Mammals (Dingos and Bats), you'll find them all here! Also included in this lesson is a Pdf copy of the PowerPoint Slideshow Presentation - for easy copying, printing into book form, or reading on your favorite tablet device! "Australian Mammals Vol. 1: Introduction to Australian Mammals" is just one of over 10 different slideshow lessons on the mammals of Australia, including but not limited to: * Dingos * Echidnas * Kangaroos * Koalas * Numbats * The Platypus * Quolls * Tasmanian Devils * The Wallaby / Wallabies * Wombats * Marsupials * Monotremes * Placental Mammals * And So Much More!

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