K12 Highschool (9 grade) 2016

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K12 can be difficult for some people including myself. I thought it'd be easier and things would work at my pace but in all reality it didn't turn out that way. There are still due dates and you have to complete lessons each day, attend class connects with state workers, and you probably get out later than you do in public school. If you want to do K12 go for it but I personally do not recommend it for some people (this includes those will learning disabilities, other problems). Face to face communication is way better than computer chatting. Teachers on K12 respond via K-Mail; it is a mail service for teachers, students, and parents. 90% of the time they take awhile to respond-- leaving you stuck until you receive help. Also, they can only visually help you in front of everyone else in class connects. If you attend K12 please leave your experience below in the comment section!

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