Flat Earth: Oblate Spheroid research CLAIMS Questioned

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I am tired of hearing people continue to repeat "facts" they KNOW absolutely nothing about, except that they read it in an article. I prefer to ask questions, and I have a few regarding the NASA research associated to the "Science" related to the concept of earth being an oblate spheroid. Here are the questions for Dr. Gross: 1) What year did the system Go-Live? 2) What are the names of the satellites used for this system? 3) How often are measurements and calculations performed? 4) Is the data available to the Public? If yes, where can it be accessed? 5) Who is the manufacturer of the GPS receivers on the ground? 6) The definition of extragalactic is, “situated, occurring, or originating outside the Milky Way galaxy.” How do you know that those radio waves are situated, occurring, or originating outside the Milky Way? Did you send another team of astronaut’s to check it out like that time your NASA organization faked the Moon Mission Landing? 7) Where are the latitude and longitude coordinates of the radio telescopes on the ground listening to extragalactic radio waves to detect changes in the positions of the ground stations? Scientific American article: Dr. Richard Gross contact:

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