Learn the Planets Song

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Learn the Planets Song by http://www.guruparents.com. Download Learn the Planets Song here: https://gum.co/zHRv Download Learn the Planets Song (audio): This planets song is to help children memorize the planets in our solar system in order from the sun. It lists each of the eight planets and also includes the catchy mnemonic of My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos. In just over 60 seconds this catchy song teaches children the names of the planets - in a way they won't forget. The upbeat tune and exciting images of the planets make learning fun! This song is aimed at children of almost any age. We hope that even babies will enjoy the tune even if they don't understand the content. But the song is especially for preschool and kindergarten and children in the first few years of elementary school. Being able to state the names of the 8 planets is an expected piece of general knowledge for everyone -- so the early it is learned the better! Learning about our solar system, our galaxy and the universe can be very inspirational for kids. It expands their horizons and stimulates their imagination and at least a basic knowledge of astronomy will be expected of them in school. Guruparents' planets song features the planets in order and with accurate relative sizes -- though of course the space between the planets is not to scale. Until recently there were nine planets, but Pluto is no longer classed as a planet! Finally, we know that many parents and teachers are probably a bit rusty on the names of the planets in our solar system. If this is you, we hope that our Learn the Planets Song helps! The planets are: Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

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