Look At Me Now ft. UNM Medical School '15

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Share on FB: http://tiny.cc/q33kbw Tweet this video: http://clicktotweet.com/yW83B Up vote on Reddit: http://tiny.cc/sfwlbw Disclaimer: The views/lyrics expressed in this video are our own opinions and do not represent the views or opinions of UNM or UNM SOM. This video is not intended to disparage fellow peers, colleagues, or critics. Thank you. Parody/Remix of Chris Brown's "Look at me now" ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil' Wayne by the University of New Mexico School of Medicine Class of 2015. If you enjoy this video, please send it along to your friends! Most importantly, please help us care for those in need by donating to one of our student run clinics. Click the link below to read more about One Hope Centro de Vida Health Center. Any donation would be much appreciated! Thanks! (Donation link can be found at the bottom of the webpage) Lyrics: (Intro) I don't understand how you could hate from outside of med school, You can't even get in... leggo. (Verse 1) Yellow highlighters, Yellow Mucous membrane, Yellow Adipose, Yellow Mesentery, Yup, yup, that stuff look like a fimbriae, I just took out 4 years worth of loans, in 2 days, Ladies love me, I go to med school, And my white coat's nice and pressed, what you think fool? She cut it all off, Frank-y Netters, And them suicide patients, serotonin, (Hook) Look at me now, Look at me now, oh, I'm diagnosin' Look at me now, oh, Look at me now, yeah, I'm fresher than a Pharm student (Verse 1 cont'd) Grande cup at Starbucks, gotta get a tall one, But I gotta get off that ish, Better bring your chick, if you with her, Than I'll diagnose her with, Kyphosis Oops I said, Kyphosis, I ain't really mean to say, Kyphosis, But since we talking about drop wrist, All of you haters say hi to it. I'm done. (Verse 2) Ayo what's up y'all, let me show you how to sudy for that step one man, Everybody get your Q-banks out and ready right now... First year, little bit of conscience, Flow sick, little bit of coughing, Got it locked when the plot don't stop, And I feel so lost, when I'm skimming through Robbins. Been a minute since I had a little vision of the sun, Or the optic nerve on a fun-doscopic, lost in the process, Hope I don't drop it when I'm done Cuz I needa get a little more done, with the physical, minimal lung sounds seem so critical yet I gotta get em all in, gotta fit em all in in a 20 minute interval. So, isn't it, oh so typical, livin off first aid, loans, and a pitiful, debt plan riddled with a visual deficit, buy another book, just to end up selling it. And I'll take it back, like an LP, L4-L5 through the epi-dural, white coat with a flattering swag, and man you smell like anatomy lab on another level like a dermatome, chain on my neck, stethoscope. and I never really brag to anybody what I'm doing so I get a little foolish when i let it go, see I never really knew that all the ladies would love it if i got a pair of scrubs, like I'm Buffett, I don't want to be mean, but if I'm Warren, these chicks need black box warnings. Girl I can't tell if you been winking, or got mild ptosis, plus when you dance, it really looks like some dystonic motion (Hook) (Verse 3) Man forget these med school girls, Nursing students how y'all doin All these girls I'm impressing, with these words like angiotensin Im a first year, no pretending, getting pimped by my attending Got these patients feeling pleasant, prescribing antidepressants I, never give a care about a gunner, Cuz you know ima stunna, Let me hear for a murmur, Got a nice stethoscope and your girlfriend's number Your heart ain't beating, screw it tell a drummer Doc said "spread em" and I said, "wait", 3-9 turn, where's the prostate? I care what you say, so tell me more, Oh what, you got a sore throat? That's word to my coat, and my coat white, Associated symptoms on my mind, can't take a history like mine, 15 minutes, I'm not even trying, whats poppin slime? Opiods son, and if their tripping, naltrexone all these drugs, and my head spun, need methylphenidate for step one I'm with Robbins on Friday night, Read it twice, but ill read it thrice And my pockets right, and my iPads white, UpToDate is my website, my initials look official, screw the phonies, no trisomies, but I still puts it Down, I'm so first year, look at me now. Trick! (Hook)

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