Am I Too Old to be a Screenwriter? (Screenwriting Uncut #16)

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One of the great myths of the film industry is that screenwriting is young man's game. In this video, Jeff blows a hole in that theory. EPISODE 16: "Am I Too Old?" Whether you're brand new at screenwriting, or you've been struggling for years, it can be tempting to blame a lack of success or opportunity on your age. We've all heard stories of ageism in Hollywood, and there's a perception that film is a young man's game. But is it true? Is it really more difficult to break into the industry as an older writer? In this no-holds-barred video, Jeff looks at both sides of the issue and gives it to you straight. It's certainly NEVER too late to begin screenwriting and you're never too old to write something extraordinary. But he also points out why you may have some challenges ahead, and how to handle them to maximize your odds. ---------------------------------- No matter your age, FAST Screenplay has been specifically designed to guide you through the entire screenwriting process, from idea to the sale. Learn more at OR: Join our FREE newsletter and get your copy of: - THE MISSING INGREDIENT: Why 99% of All Screenplays Fail, and How to Put Yours in the Top 1%

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