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http://mocomi.com/ presents: What are Asteroids? Asteroids are celestial bodies that orbit around the sun. The word asteroid means star-like and is derived from the Greek words – astor (star) and oid (shape). They are believed to be remnants of the humungous cloud of dust and gases that formed the sun and planets over 4 billion years ago. Most of them lie in a single belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Sometimes changes in gravitational flows and other forces in space cause them to get dislodged from their orbit and move away from the main belt. It is believed that a giant asteroid crashed into earth millions of years ago, causing extreme changes in weather and the extinction of dinosaurs. Scientists believe that the asteroid belt in our solar system could have formed in one of two ways. 1. There existed a planet between Mars and Jupiter that broke up into the belt due to a collision with another celestial body. 2. The rock material in the asteroid belt was unable to fuse into a planet like the others, due to Jupiter’s tremendous gravitational force. For more information about Asteroids, read: For more such earth and geography related videos and interactive articles, go to: Previous video on Geography, visit: Next video on Geography, visit: Follow Mocomi Kids, on Facebook on Twitter on Pinterest on Google+ on LinkedIn

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