How To Make Movies At Home - Trailer

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“The film is meant to both glorify and educate about truly independent, community cinema instead of shiny Hollywood hubbub.” — AOL SWITCHED Watch it FREE at Are you and your friends making movies yet? What do you think weekends are for? There's a new wave of do-it-yourself cinema crashing in, and How to Make Movies at Home serves it up like a slice of pie. Meet Jonah. On the coast of Maine, her band of home-town filmmakers defend their turf against the onslaught of a huge Hollywood production. Their futures and friendships may be under attack, but the rebellious bandmates of Meow Cat Pictures know how to keep shooting! With ten real filmmaking lessons woven through the story (and untold others lurking in the subtext,) How to Make Movies at Home is a funny and enthralling step toward getting your own masterpiece on the screen. Awards: Best Feature at Paterson Falls Film Festival Best Screenplay and Domani Vision Award for Emerging Talent, Filmmaker of the Year at VISIONFEST, Tribeca Best Independent Feature & Best of the Fest at S.N.O.B. Film Festival, New Hampshire The Golden Lobster at the Portland Maine International Film Festival. Best Narrative Feature at Garden State Film Festival Official Selection: The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers Yonkers Film Festival Green Bay Film Festival Indie Memphis Beacon Independent Film Festival Tallgrass International Film Festival Sanford International Film Festival Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts

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