How to Escape From School!

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Hey guys, it's Anna & Avery! This week's theme on Seven Perfect Angels is... THE GREAT ESCAPE! The school year is almost over and Avery and Anna are super excited for summer! Then they realize that they still have to take the big end of year test! :( During that day of school, the teacher, Ms. Teacher, is teaching a super boring lesson and Anna and Avery fall asleep! In their dream, Avery and Anna dream about their GREAT ESCAPE away from school! With the help of their friends, Anna and Avery try 3 different ways to escape from school! How did they do it? How did it work? Did the teacher see them? Watch to find out! Just as things are looking great for Avery and Anna... Class ends and they are woken up from their DREAM! Looks like escaping from school will be harder than they think. Now Anna and Avery REALLY need to come up with a great escape away from school! How to Escape from School STAY IN SCHOOL!!! HAHA!!! THIS WAS ALL JUST A FUN SKIT!!! We hope you enjoyed our video this week! For a chance to get a shoutout in our next week's video, comment down below something you are looking forward to this summer (or winter, depending on where you're from!) A HUGE THANK YOU TO... Our friends Catie, Olivia, Gracen, Kai, Shayna, and Caroline for helping us make this video this week! And... To the coolest math teacher ever for allowing us to film in your classroom! Thanks for watching our video this week! We really hope you enjoyed it, it was so much fun to film! REMEMBER ~ You can see us, Avery & Anna, every Marvelous Monday on SevenPerfectAngels XOXO, Avery and Anna

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