Larry Shultz Presents THE MANNERS MONSTER Video - Music. Lyrics & Screenplay by Sally Shultz

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Beverly Hills - Larry Shultz - Teach Your Kids Table Manners They'll Never Forget: Rudy, the Manners Monster, makes unintentional mistakes at the dinner table that your child will learn from. Rudy, knows who can help him learn good manners: The Livingston Family! The Manners Monster, uses ageless humor and infectious musical sequences to teach and help Children (and even Adults) to know good table manners. Watch this mischievous, but lovable monster -and laugh your way to perfect table manners, Beverly Hills-style! KIDS STILL REMEMBER THE LESSONS YEARS LATER Since our 1995 VHS release, many of our original Viewers are 15-20 years older today and still remember the lessons they learned about having good manners by watching and laughing at Rudy’s unintentional bad manners. RUDY’S VOICE & MUSIC ARE INFECTIOUS Rudy is voiced by Emmy-nominated Bill Farmer, best known for being the voice of many classic Disney and Pixar characters including Goofy, Pluto and other memorable voices in Toy Story, Monsters University and the revival of classic Warner Bros Looneytune characters Rudy, The Manners Monster character and its Music. Lyrics & Screenplay were created and written solely by Sally Shultz

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