Learn to Write & Read Hindi Script - Learn Devanagari Script - Vowel Sounds

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Learn Devanagari Script || Learn to Write Hindi Script -||This video will guide you through vowel letters of Devanagari Script. Connect with Me To Learn Hindi (Click Below Links) SUBSCRIBE Me - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... FACEBOOK Me - TWITTER Me - EMAIL Me - TheAnilMahato@yahoo.com Web Address - To Learn More - Playlist - Hindi language is written in Devanagari script and many other languages like Sanskirt, Nepali etc also uses these letters for writing.There are 12 vowels sounds and 36 consonant sounds in Devanagari Script (Hindi Script). In this Hindi Reading Writing Learning video we are going to learn 12 Vowel Sounds namely a, aa, , i ,ee, u, oo, e, ai, o , au , an, ah. This Hindi Alphabets learning videos will be helpful for everybody who is starting to write hindi language or any other language which use Devanagari script. This is equally useful for children who are learning Hindi Vowel Letters / Alphabets. I make Hindi Lesson everyday. So don't forget to subscribe me for updates - SUBSCRIBE Me - Your suggestion and motivation are always appreciated :) Feel free to ask any question or doubt on Hindi or Devanagari Script we just learnt and discuss in the comment section.

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