The Planet Song (Last Of All There's Pluto Too)

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I wrote this song to teach my one-year-old daughter about the solar system (she is a big fan of space!). As an experiment, I've enabled ads for a month. If you don't like them, don't worry - they'll be gone again by May! Available on iTunes: Amazon: CD Baby: Recorded at Mike's Place Studio. Acoustic Guitar, Bass and Drums all expertly performed by Mike Sunderland. LYRICS: There's Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, Last of all there's Pluto too. The first four planets are rocky, They orbit near the Sun. Earth has one moon, Mars has two, Venus and Mercury have none! Next there is the Asteroid Belt, Made of ice and rocks. Then there's giant Jupiter, With its great big red spot. Saturn is the next planet, Its rings are very wide. Uranus also has rings And spins 'round on its side. Neptune's the last gas giant, And Pluto's last of all. It's now classed as a dwarf planet, Because it's very small. Music and Lyrics by Matt Hogg.

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