Education Ministry relaxes school uniform rules for primary and secondary school students

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The nation’s primary and secondary school students will soon enjoy significantly more freedom in what they wear to school, thanks to a new set of regulations announced today. Starting this September, students under the university level will be able to mix and match their uniforms with sportswear and other pre-approved attire. The move came after President Tsai Ing-wen cancelled strict enforcement of the uniform policy soon after taking office. To make good on her election promise, President Tsai announced soon after taking office on May 20 that she would drastically draw down school uniform regulations for all students up through the senior and senior vocational high school level. After some research, the Ministry of Education today announced the relevant guidelines, which now allow students to mix and match their uniforms with sports clothing and other school-approved apparel. Students will still be required to wear uniforms on designated occasions, but will be counseled rather than disciplined if they break the rules. Tsai Ching-hwaDeputy Minister of EducationBeyond these principles, individual schools are also permitted to set even more lenient regulations, but won’t be allowed to make their rules more strict. Taipei First Girls’ High School StudentOf course I feel very happy. After this, we will continue to work hard and see if there are any cases of inappropriate punishments or schools looking for loopholes in these new laws. We will refocus our ongoing efforts in this direction. Student activists from Taipei First Girls’ High School expressed their approval of the relaxation of uniform regulations, but said they thought the Ministry of Education had not gone far enough in its new rules. In the future they’re planning to agitate for the right to wear casual clothes to senior high school, just like university students.

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