Kickstarter Success Weekly Episode 4

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Crowdfunding success is what Lee Schneider is talking about in week's Kickstarter Success Weekly video. You'll learn how to crowdfund by taking examples from successful campaigns going on now. What works? What doesn't? That's covered in this show. Want to learn crowdfunding? Check out my website. ON CAMERA It's Kickstarter Success Weekly. I'm Lee Schneider, founder of Digital Fundraising School. I review successful crowdfunding campaigns this week and reveal the secrets of why they work. Then I'll tell you how to put that intelligence to work so that you can succeed with crowdfunding. Let's go. Here are the campaigns that are worth watching this week. Egg, the intelligent cat companion. Wow I guess everybody loves cats! Well not really, but this is a good cat video. More importantly, it's a sharply focused market - cat lovers. And just like parents, cat lovers will spend money on their feline friends. The lesson learned? Lesson Learned: You may think your market is small. But on Kickstarter, even a small market can be 146,000 dollars big. It's all about a focused message - and reaching the people you need to reach. Now, project 562 Changing The Way We See Native America (Phase2) Ranked as a trending campaign on this is part two - of a powerful project to document Native American life. The campaign creator, a photographer, has spent a year on the road working to document every Tribe in the United States. When you look at her page you see that she's given talks, made videos, created lots of interesting merchandize around her campaign. all great stuff, but not my focus here. Why? secret words: part two! You can always have a part two to your campaign if you think you can build a better campaign if you make it go in two parts. In this case, year one and year two of an amazing, worthy project. Lesson Learned: Do a two part campaign if you project needs more time and money. Now the kickstarter campaign for the De Pere Family Cinema. Small town in Wisconsin with a small town theater. Small, right, everything about this is small. They're going to make it, they're going to raise the money they need - so you're asking why is he featuring this one? Doesn't he always do the blockbusters? That's the point. Not every movie has to be Iron Man or the Avengers, and not every campaign need be a blockbuster. This one is small, local, poignant, and super-timely and there you go. That's why it made it into the show this week. Lesson Learned: Be timely. They have a deadline, After 2014 the movie studios won't be shipping film, so if this theater wants to stay in business, they better go digital, and kickstarter is there to help them ---------- Let's sum this up so you can put this intel to work in your campaign right now. Lesson Learned: In crowdfunding, small markets can be big. Tap into a movement, a trend, a passion - cat lovers, you're there. Lesson Learned: Two parts may be better than one. If your project will spread out over time, maybe two parts are just the thing. Lesson Learned: Be timely. If you have a deadline, make the most of it. The de pier theater is out of the game unless they go digital, and thanks to crowdfunding they will survive. (ON CAMERA) Thanks for watching - I'll see you online at Have you been looking for a beginners guide to crowdfunding? Check out my website:

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