Master how to Count Down from 30 | Make your own Maths Board Game | Kids Educational Videos

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Learn how to count down from 30 in a fun, creative task in this tutorial! In this lesson, we make a board game caterpillar from 0 to 30. The twist is that we start from the top, at 30. Follow Douggie as he makes his game and learns to count down from 30. I had already prepared the numbers for the game, but to add extra difficulty, you could get your kids to write the numbers themselves. To make it easier, you could make the board game shorter (up to 10 or 20) or stick them on the board starting at 0 and going up. See us play the board game in the next lesson. Our game focuses on adding and taking away one and two. It also has a bit of number bonds and talks about how taking away "undoes" adding. To see a copy of our board game, please visit our website at Please subscribe for more lessons!

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