Our K12 Experience: Virtual Schooling, Homeschool, 2nd grade

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Hi everyone! Before we took the plunge into virtual learning with our 2nd grader I looked all over youtube for real videos by real people that use the school system and there just wasn't very many on here. My goal is to share with you what to expect during and throughout the school year. I know that this isn't considered traditional homeschooling, but it's what works best for us. I ask that you respect our choice, just as I respect the traditional homeschoolers and those that choose good ol' traditional school. I hope to make more videos and give you a peek at what actually goes on throughout the school year. Let me know what you'd like to see or feel free to ask questions :) I was not asked or paid by K12 to make this video. This is strictly my opinion and experience with the school so far. Don't forget to like :)

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