Ananda Marga History Lecture by Noor Part 1 - Mission of Maitreya - Feast of Tabernacles

Convert to MP3 for your device with YouTube MP3jam Jump to Part 2 here: Part 1 (history) will be loosely divided into 3 sections: Birth of Baba to when Ananda Marga started having problems and Maitreya joined and left (about 1921-1971) From then until Baba's death (1971-1990) After Baba's death (1990-present) But first, let us remind ourselves why AM and Baba are important and why we are studying them o He brought the Sixth Seal, Paravipras, as his main message He is the person who also came up with the concept of Sadvipra, those who have the labor ability (Shudras), warrior ability (Ksattriyas), intellectual abilities (Vipras) and business abilities (Vaeshyas). He explained how different people have been taking over the society, and in each period they were the dominating force. This all made a lot of sense. ... We can see that Baba had a great revelation for humanity. He brought the concept of the Sixth Seal. ... Without Baba, of course, we would not have the concept of Sadvipra that he brought. We changed Sadvipra to Paravipra (which means going beyond the intellect), because we also explained the cyclical movements for the last 12,000 years. "Para" means beyond and "Vipra" means intellect. These are the people that are intuitive, are ready to do physical work if it is needed, are courageous, are fearless, have the warrior abilities, intellectually keep themselves exercised (study, listen, understand the latest scientific facts, or what is happening in the world), and are also keen and understand the business part of the human and societies. Therefore, they can be shrewd business people if it comes to it. At the same time they are Godly, incorruptible, and they understand that there is a God. They understand this Revelation. They also will become a leader in the society. Therefore they become a part of the Elects. These are the people who will become the facilitating body. They meditate, awaken their spiritual forces, direct that energy toward the creation of the Communities of Light, and are willing to sacrifice and give of themselves to the community and divert the attention of the community to God, not to themselves. o Also brought concept of the cyclical movement of society; however, did not expand on it or explain it as deeply as Maitreya There was a question here about who brought the concept of cyclical movements to humanity. It was Baba, in Ananda Marga, who brought the concept of the cyclical movements and social movements, but he never explained it as we do in THOTH that before the flood of Noah there were no such classes and after the flood of Noah, the new human and the classes were created. Of course, Baba never explained Daniel and the statue, the head of gold, the breast of silver, the brass stomach, the iron legs, and the feet of iron mixed with clay. Also, he never explained the historical facts of the emergence of the Ksattriyan class, the intellectual class, and the Vaeshyan class as THOTH explains it. Also the guiding lights that THOTH gives to the leaders for the future are not explained. It is kind of, he was just like a forerunner. If I had never been in contact with Ananda Marga, I would never have known about that. That is why Baba is so important in our teaching, and he is considered as one sign. Of course, he was revealed as one sign but he also brought a lot of truth to humanity and THOTH.

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