Learn About Planets Uranus And Neptune || Educational facts

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Uranus and Neptune are considered sister planets. We call them sisters because they are so similar. Pluto, however, is different from every other planet in the Solar System. Pluto is actually more like a comet than a planet. In fact, Pluto was recently reclassified as a dwart planet, but we'll talk more about that later. We began our journey through the Solar System talking about the small dense inner planets. We then explored the very large middle two planets Jupiter and Saturn. Uranus and Neptune are in between. They are not gigantic, but they are not small either. Uranus takes up 67 times as much space as the Earth while Neptune takes up 57 times as much space. In addition to being so similar in size, these two worlds are also made up of the same ingredients. They have a hard rock core about the size of the Earth. Around that rock core is a huge liquid water ocean thousands of miles deep. Think about that, these two worlds actually have liquid water oceans. On top of the water oceans sits another ocean of liquid metallic hydrogen. Both Uranus and Neptune have an atmosphere of mostly hydrogen, helium and methane. The weather of these atmospheres is quite active. One very large storm on Neptune is similar to Jupiter's great red spot. This storm is called The Great Dark Spot.

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