Cardiovascular System: Live Lecture The Heart

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I captured a live streaming lecture of the heart, part of the cardiovascular system. I am still new to the streaming functions of YouTube so it might be a little rough. ------------------ Blood Videos -Introduction to Blood (): -Composition of Blood (): -Hematopoiesis-Making Blood (): -Red Blood Cells (): ------------------ Heart and Blood Vessels Videos -Heart Fundamentals (): -Layers of the Heart (): -Chambers in the Heart (): -Introduction to Blood Vessels (): -Types of Blood Vessels (): -Movement of Blood (): ------------------ Available only at -WBC (8m 20s) -Blood Types (6m 48s) -Components of the Heart (7m 46s) -Conducting System of Heart (5m 26s) -Cardiac Cycle (5m 44s) -Pathologies of Heart (5m 49s) -Intro to Blood Vessels (2m 23s) -Types of Blood Vessels (14m 44s) -Types of Capillaries (4m 59s) -Movement of Blood (14m 11s) -------------- Become a sponsor of our channel for only $2/month (PayPal). -------------- Visit Us On The Internet: -YouTube: -Twitter: -Facebook: -Google+: -Instagram:

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