अंग्रेजी सीखें: Active Voice to Passive Voice/ The Easiest Way

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Our humble attempt to help Hindi speaking students learn basics of English Grammar! In this part, starting with a brief introduction of sentences in active voice and passive voice we tell students an easy to understand way to convert English sentences from active voice to passive voice. Please do comment on the contents and style of this lesson to help us improve our performance in subsequent parts. A fresh learner should watch my videos in the following order: 1. Present Indefinite Tense (uploaded in September 2012) 2. Present Indefinite Tense (2 nd Version) 3. Exercise_Present Indefinite Tense 4. Past Indefinite Tense (2nd Version) 5. Past Indefinite (uploaded in September 2012) 6. Future Indefinite Tense (2nd Version) 7. Future Indefinite Tense (uploaded in September 2012) 8. Continuous Tenses 9 Present Perfect Tense 10. Past Perfect Tense and Future Perfect Tense 11. Perfect Continuous Tenses 12. Use of is/am/are/was/were/has/have/had 13. Imperative Sentences 14.Active Voice to Passive Voice 15. Direct and Indirect Speech 16. Conditional- Type 1 17 Conditionals- Type 2 and Type 3 Videos on errors may be watched in any order.. I strongly recommend that you move to the next video only when you are sure that you have learnt well what has been taught in the previous video.There is no substitute for sufficient practice on making sentences of each tense before moving to the next one..Many of these videos carry 'Video No.' at the top, when being played. In order to ensure that you get informed of any new upload on my channel you may subscribe to my channel. Best wishes Ram Deswal

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